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Festival Internazionale Cori d'Europa (International Festival of European Choirs)

"an internationally recognised event"

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a small "universe's compendium" like the famous writer Ippolito Nievo wrote: since prehistory it is a land of passage and a crossroad of mediterranean, nordic and oriental cultures.

International Festival of European Choirs LogoThis region offers a unique heritage of history and traditions which come from a culture that developed herself through the centuries with the continuous help of different cultures and people; following this centennial tradition the Monteverdi Choir of Ruda (UD) has realized Festival Internazionale Cori d'Europa (International Festival of European Choirs), a project which aims at the meeting of choirs and cultures in the European Union.

The event, since the very first edition, was thought as a concert itinerary in four or six episodes that the Friulan choir and the European guest choir perform in the major Friulan cities, of particular cultural and artistic value.

During this journey the two choirs can socialize exchanging their musical experiences, preparing one or more scores to perform all together during the concerts, developing a concert simbiosys of high symbolical value such as the actual demonstration which can bring together people using music for a universal brotherhood of harmony and peace.

Cori d'Europa aims at realizing four major goals:

  • spread the knowledge of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia;
  • get the public from our region to know the realities and the cultural heritage of other European countries
  • contributing at the development and consolidation of cultural and social relations with the EU institutions, at the same time developing tourism as well
  • consolidating the concept of Europe of People and Cultures.


The guest choir will have to prepare a musical program (free choice) of 30 minutes circa, sacred or secular, which will be precedently precised by the Monteverdi Choir.

The concerts will last approximately 75/80 minutes, the first part will be reserved to the "Claudio Monteverdi" Choir, while the second one will be reserved to the guest Choir; at the end the two choirs will perform the scores they have prepared together.

The event will be publicized before the beginning, through an introduction press conference which will take place in a separated center of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia in Udine, to which will participate the main regional newspapers and TV channels, the representative for the Culture Assesorship, the authorities of the Comunes visited during the concerts.


Choir "Claudio Monteverdi" will provide to its guests hospitality in the hotels of Region Friuli Venezia Giulia.

During the stay the Monteverdi Choir will also provide guided tours of the touristic and archaeologic places of Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as gastronomic tastings of local products.

The "Claudio Monteverdi" Choir asks the guest Choir for invitations to events organized in the city and the region from which the gust Choir is from.

How to participate

The choice of the guest Choir is reserved only to the organizing Choir and has to be communicated to the artistic director and/or to the president of the Choir chosen within September of the previous year.

The selections for the International Festival "European Choirs" are now open; the Choirs that want to partecipate to the event can send their application via e-mail to info@coromonteverdi.it or send an SMS to the following mobile phone: +39.347.9308730 until the month of August.

We will only consider the requests of the Choirs which have filled in the questionnaire.